Consenting adults.

There have been many times its been mentioned that myself and the other ladies, handpicked by this predator, were consenting adults. We were nothing of the sort. We are all compassionate women who read of a fellow human being who suffered tragic injustices as a child, and felt compelled to reach out. And how he hit on us … groomed us, charmed us … and enticed us into an online relationship with him.

He befriended us, we reciprocated and rapidly he took things to another level. For myself he consumed my every waking thought, showering me with compliments and making me feel alive … I hung on to his every word. I was in my forties, no starry eyed teenager, indeed I was a wife and a mother and dare I say it … quite successful …. But I was damaged … and how he loved vulnerability …

It was all so premeditated … to cement a friendship … then speak of an attraction … to mislead and deceive in order to gain sympathy and finally, to claim to be a victim of emotional and physical abuse from his own wife. As many of us paced the floor at night ( genuinely concerned for his safety, he would be at another computer … with another woman starting the whole process over again …

It was never about how old the women were, it was about pretending to be a friend, drawing them close to him, letting them talk at length, where others were too busy and all the time assessing their level of vulnerability, preempting the time it would take to have them where he wanted them … He saw an opportunity to stalk and manipulate, he was attracted to vulnerability, he was/is a sexual predator.

Ultimately, having gained the womens trust, ( after professing his love and reassuring them they were his best friend) he was to reveal his truly despicable character, an online predator and pervert. He spoke of threesomes and porn, he “shared” his perverted fantasies, he sent naked pictures of himself and encouraged the women to do the same. He wanted the women to “perform” on skype for his pleasure and when they refused were treated ti the silent treatment.

This man, who would have you believe he is decent, who campaigns for justice for people who have been wronged is nothing but a fraud, an imposter. I wish he would be “gone” as he so elequently put it … but sadly he shows no remorse for the devastation¬† he has caused and even has the audacity to come back and start over … I can only hope the new batch of women are less damaged … less susceptable ….

One comment on “Consenting adults.

  1. Wendy Powell says:

    Is this someone that is blogging on WordPress?

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